Frequently Asked Questions

PumpPump! is designed to help adults (18+ years old) who want to achieve enough exercise to

  • improve chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or obesity
  • prevent chronic conditions and stay healthy

However, PumpPump! doesn’t support high-risk exercisers if they

  • ever experience dizziness or lose consciousness
  • have had chest pain or shortness of breath in the past
  • have been informed by their doctors that they have stroke, heart disease, or kidney disease.

If you are a high-risk exerciser, we would suggest you to consult your doctor before starting moderate to high intensity exercise.

PumpPump! supports iOS 10.0+ and iPhones SE, iPhone 6, and later versions

PumpPump! is guiding users with the concept of Cardio Minutes to achieve enough cardio exercise, such as brisk walk or jog. PumpPump! credits the exercise time that you do cardio activities of moderate or vigorous intensity as Cardio Minutes.

To help each user better understand his cardio intensity zones, PumpPump! quantifies the moderate or vigorous intensity based on each user’s heart rate (beats per minutes, BPM) or speed (steps per minutes, SPM).

If you are not taking heart rate lowering medication such as beta blocker, you can follow the intensity based on SPM or BPM when you go for a cardio activity. Based on BPM, you would need a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor in addition to PumpPump! mobile app. What heart rate monitors does PumpPump! support and how to set up a heart rate monitor?

If you are taking heart rate lowering medication such as beta blocker, please follow the intensity based on SPM when you go for a cardio activity. Based on SPM, you just need to go with your phone installed with PumpPump! mobile app.

Please use a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, either a chest strap, a wristband, or a wristwatch, that can be the heart rate data source for  Health App and follow below steps to set it up for PumpPump!

 Put on your heart rate monitor
 Go to Setting
 Tap Bluetooth and connect your heart rate monitor
 Go to Health App
 Tap Sources,
  • Select your iPhone in your “Devices” list to check Heart Rate. Make sure your iPhone is recording heart rate in real time.
  • Select  PumpPump! in “Apps” list and allow “PumpPump!” to read and write data.

If your iPhone is not recording heart rate in real time, please Go to Setting, turn off Bluetooth, reboot your iPhone, and turn on Bluetooth to connect your heart rate monitor again.

After you subscribe for exercise prescription via in-app purchase, PumpPump! will ask you a couple of questions to learn about your exercise level and conditions before generating an exercise prescription for you. Every version of exercise prescription is good for 12 weeks. Then, PumpPump! will reassess your exercise level and conditions to update the exercise prescription.

In Prescription , please tap calendar  to set regular exercise days on weekly base and exercise plans for Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility respectively.

Tap Community  to join PumpPump! community on Facebook to

  • learn how PumpPump! helps users make exercise progress
  • receive tips for exercise and healthy living
  • share how you benefit from exercise

If you don’t normally go exercise with PumpPump! app, you can sync  data from your device to PumpPump! after your activity. If you want to edit or manually add any activity, you can tap history  to edit or add.

Getting healthier motivates people to continue to exercise. Logging your vitals in PumpPump! helps you manage your health and supports doctors to give you advice with evidence.