High blood pressure? Overweight? Many people don’t know where to get the detailed exercise guidance after they are told by their doctors to exercise for better health outcomes.

PumpPump! is a great tool for people who start to learn about exercise. Following American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines, PumpPump! prescribes users exercise based on each individual’s profile.


Too busy to offer detailed exercise advice to patients? Doctors need a tool that helps them get their patients to exercise.

Doctors can simply prescribe our app and PumpPump! does the rest. During the follow-up visits, doctors can gain insight into how exercise helps patients improve their conditions.

Healthcare Payers

Physical inactivity cost the world $67 billion in 2013 alone. Government, corporations, and health insurance need a tool to help reduce skyrocketing costs.

PumpPump! is a tool that helps people in our society exercise for better health outcomes, reducing healthcare expenditure and productivity losses.